Car Care Tip: Detail Your Ride Before The Resale


Did you know that keeping your car clean and detailed can help organize your life more and make you feel better? See what Scott H had to say in his yelp review which demonstrates this point. On top of helping one feel better, keeping your car clean and detailed can help increase the value of your car! As a matter of fact, a car with a faded finish and unkempt look will sell for 10% – 20% less than a cleaner, nicer looking vehicle. So if you’re planning to sell your car, we suggest having your car cleaned and professionally detailed before taking your car, truck, or van to your potential buyer. We recommend detailing your car twice a year. Our manager details his car 3 to 4 times a year which to some may be too much but to the car enthusiast is totally natural.  Take a look at our recommended cleaning/detailing schedule for more information. In a nutshell : Detailing helps to restore your car to its factory shine finish and helps to maxmize the resale value. Take a look at our Car Detail menu and schedule your appointment online or by calling our detail department @ (678) 321-0805

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