Should I Wash My Car At Home Or Car Wash?

Lighthouse Express Car Wash Lawrenceville. GA and Conyers, GA is pleased to announce that we have completed another successful year to serve our veterans and active military personnel by giving free car washes on Veterans Day.  To Date, Lighthouse Express Car Wash has donated over $20,000 in washes and donations to this and other charitable causes.  In addition to donating to charities, we love to contribute to a greener and cleaner earth.  If you are part of a church, school or other non-profit charitable group please contact us or find out how you can partner with us to do a car wash fundraiser to raise funds for your organization.

Not only do we do our best to help our customers drive clean but we do our part to promote green as well.  Find out more about how we do it on our latest blog post and see how you too are contributing to a cleaner and greener earth everytime you wash your car at Lighthouse Express Car Wash, Lawrenceville and Conyers, GA. 

Drive Clean and Drive Green
I’ve been washing cars since I was 15 years old.  When I first got my driver’s permit I was washing my parent’s car weekly for my monthly allowance.  I was so proud of my newly acquired skill and responsibility I didn’t realize my folks were getting a sweet bargain to keep their car clean for the $5 I received for spending 2 Hours+ of my Saturday morning washing their vehicles. I grew up learning from the ground up and washing cars the old schol way so I know that washing your own vehicle can be a drain.  Like some of you readers, washing the car at home was probably the way you learned how to keep your car clean.  You can imagine my fascination when I discovered the car wash process and technological prowess at Lighthouse Express Car Wash.  I’ve been washing my own vehicle at our very own car wash for the past several years, many times multiple times a week and it has helped me turn what used to be a few hour ordeal into a few minute process plus I didn’t have to worry about getting all my car wash equipment and garden hose out anymore.  Leave the clean up and worry of washing your car to us.  The more you wash your car the more you will discover how safe, quick, affordable and convenient it is.  

At Lighthouse Express Car Wash we knew with advancement in technology also came a greater responsibility to ensure a clean and green car wash process.  To help preserve and contribute to a greener and cleaner earth we use the latest in technology so to preserve our greatest resources by filtering and recycling much of our water used in the car wash process. How do we do it?  Read more to find out.

lighthouse express car wash water saving

Water Filtration System

Did you know that Lighthouse Express Car Wash uses a specialized industrial filtration system to filter our water and uses only eco-friendly chemicals in our car wash process so that we contribute to the a cleaner environment while we wash our customers’ cars as well as our own vehicles. When most people wash their car at home, the soap used, road grime, tar and oils often can end up in storm sewers and that flow into our local lakes and streams.

Water Recycling
Professional car washes such as Lighthouse Express Car Wash recycles and filters most of their water before returning it clean into the environment so you can rest assured that you are doing your part to go green when washing your car at one of our car wash locations in Lawrenceville, Snellville, and Conyers. Before considering how you clean your vehicle, you may want to consider how green your usual car wash routine is.  Rely on our state of the art equipment to manage and preserve the water to help contribute to the preservation of our earth most precious resources.

1) Washing your car at home can use approximately 100 gallons of water each time!
2) Washing your car at Lighthouse Express Car Wash on the other hand uses approximately 10-12 gallons of fresh water
3) Lighthouse Express Car Wash is so efficient we were even certified by the city of Lawrenceville and Conyers to operate even during stage 2 water restrictions.
4) The chemicals used at Lighthouse Express Car Wash are all certified Eco-Friendly and 100% safe for paint finishes and clear coats.

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