Monthly Archives: August 2014

Car Wash Automated Attendants – How They Work

Car Wash Automated Kiosks are Customized for a Personal Experience. At Lighthouse Express Car Wash we are pleased to offer the latest in car wash technology so that it’s simple, engaging, comprehensive, and easy to use.  Our automated attendants (or as some customers call it – automated kiosks) are just one example of how our Car Wash uses… Read more »

Change Your Cabin Air Filter Every 12,000 to 15,000 Miles

We have been asked by our customers how to keep their interior of their car smelling as fresh and clean as possible.  There can be various factors that affect the smell of your car such as infrequent interior cleanings, not vacuuming the car enough which can eliminate dust particles and debris that build up in your vehicle… Read more »

Regular Car Wash Helps Your Car Shine Last Longer

Did you know that washing your car regularly will keep it looking new?  We understand many people have different opinions on the matter and time intervals in cleaning their cars so we wanted to take the time to discuss this important topic of how often you should wash your car.  We’ve discovered first hand that those… Read more »