Car Wash Automated Attendants – How They Work

Car Wash Automated Kiosks are Customized for a Personal Experience.

At Lighthouse Express Car Wash we are pleased to offer the latest in car wash technology so that it’s simple, engaging, comprehensive, and easy to use.  Our automated attendants (or as some customers call it – automated kiosks) are just one example of how our Car Wash uses new technology that keep our enviornmentally friendly principles in mind and to assist you in choosing the car wash you want. Once you arrive at the car wash, you can pull up to one of our sophisticated and friendly automated kiosks that easily and quickly guide you through our menu of express car wash options, which include exterior only express washes and full service washes which adds the human element of providing basic interior cleaning and exterior touch up.  The kiosk operates very easily, just like an ATM machine or RedBox DVD Rental Machine!

Our Automated Attendants are Easy to Use!

Lighthouse Express Car Wash automated kiosks are very easy and simple to use. The kiosk touch screen is clear, bright, and colorful so they can be seen easily.  The kiosk is easy to access from your vehicle window or if you prefer, customers can safely exit their vehicle while at the pay station to perform the transaction with ease and precision.

Our car wash locations are equipped with two (2) kiosk lanes that you can select from when you enter our Car Wash.  Look for the easy to read navigation signs to guide you to our automated kiosk/attendants.  An overhead awning provides ample protection to you and your transaction from the elements. In addition to our incredibly-easy to use step by step kiosk screens, there are added voice instructions for further guidance for a seamless and easy payment process.  Should you have any questions or needs while at the pay station, please do not hesitate to honk for assistance and one of our friendly associates will be happy to help.

Our automated attendants accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover credit cards, our non-profit Fundraising PIN codes, frequency promotion wash codes, Lighthouse Express Car Wash Gift Cards, and promotional coupon codes which are given on our social media sites.  For detail requests, please check out our interior and exterior detail menu online.  Detail jobs are offered currently at our Lawrenceville location and are by appointment only so please call or contact us to make an appointment for all your exterior and interior detailing needs.

Remember friends.. at Lighthouse Express Car Wash-Let your ride shine!

Check out the ​Lighthouse Express Car Wash experience here!

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