Change Your Cabin Air Filter Every 12,000 to 15,000 Miles

We have been asked by our customers how to keep their interior of their car smelling as fresh and clean as possible.  There can be various factors that affect the smell of your car such as infrequent interior cleanings, not vacuuming the car enough which can eliminate dust particles and debris that build up in your vehicle interior, spilled foreign liquids such as milk, coffee, juice or soda or other foreign substances in your car’s interior cabin, and yes.. you guessed it, not cleaning your Cabin Air Filter.  One of the important factors that affects the smell and feel or your car interior that many car owners neglect to regularly replace is their Cabin Air Filter which is an item that should be regularly maintenanced.  The cabin air filter can usually be found behind the glove compartment*.  Over time debris such as dirt, leaves, and insects can build up and block air flow, lessening the efficiency of your air conditioner, as well as create foul odors in your vehicle.  Regular replacement of the cabin air filter provides fresh air through the passenger compartment air vents.

While manufacturers may have different methods to replace the cabin air filter, we have found from our experience that switching out your own cabin air filter can save a lot of money, create better health, and keep you and your passengers breathing the freshest and cleanest air possible, as well as help keep your air conditioner working at its optimal condition.  Cabin Air Filters can be purchased online, from your auto manufacturer (ie. Honda Dealership, Hyunda Dealership, Toyota Dealership, etc.), Car Manufacturer Service Center, or most auto parts stores.  Prices will vary depending on make and model of your vehicle but I have found that most cabin air filters can be purchased for $8 – $25.  To compare, most dealerships will charge you roughly $50-$150 to perform this simple maintenance task so you can save a decent amount of money over the life of your car.

At Lighthouse Express Car Wash Snellville we generally recommended that you change your Cabin Air Filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles which is roughly every 3 to 5 oil changes depending on how often you change your oil.  We will try to create a tutorial video on this important and functional maintenance change soon.  Check out our youtube channel online @

Ask us about this service at our Lighthouse Express Car Wash, Lawrenceville location.  Keep your car smelling and looking great and remember friends..  we believe in a clean and healthy car and like to say at Lighthouse Express Car Wash.. “Let your ride shine!”

Additional Tips For A Fresher Cleaner Smell In Your Car:
1) Regularly turn off recirculation mode and instead switch to fresh air circulation mode in your vehicle.
2) Clean your air vents regularly.  (Will have a Car Care Tips Blog Write Up on this soon)
3) Kill bacteria, mildew in your air vents regularly using a disinfectant or product made for this purpose.
4) Open your windows (even a small opening will help) at night to evaporate any condensation or mildew build up.
5) Regularly do interior vacuuming or have one of our car cleaning professionals clean your interior for you.  Check out our Full Service Car Wash or Interior Details.  Schedule your appointment online or call us @ 678.487.7716

*location and removal of air filter may vary depending on automobile manufacturer.

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  1. Christopher

    I have read your article on “changing the air filter”. What are your recommendations on the use of air fresheners? What type of air freshener do you recommend, the vent style, canister type or the hanging type.

    Thank you we are product developers innovating a new air freshener.

    • Brian

      great question Christopher. I personally have used all 3 styles but I believe the most popular is the hanging type. What flavors were you considering to offer?


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