Daily Driving with Care

Drive with care every day

Taking car of your car is an ongoing task that should never be overlooked! Take care of your car and in return your car will take care of you. Lets go over a few things you can do to ensure a long and reliable life for your vehicle.

We all know how challenging it is when you get into your car during winter season and it’s ice cold. The first thing that comes to mind is start the car and immediately press the gas pedal to get your car warmed up. Do not do this, it brings added wear to your engine components since the oil and fluids are not at operating temperature.

Accelerating quickly when you begin your drive is also not a good idea. Accelerate slowly and take it easy on the gas pedal until your car is at normal operating temperature!

Also, to maximize the life of your engine and transmission, put your car in neutral when sitting at a long red light. Leaving the car in gear/drive creates a constant work load since your car wants to push forward while your vehicle is in gear!

We all know how tempting it is to drive fast and Accelerate quickly especially when driving a more sporty car! However, doing so can take years of life out of your engine and other components of your car and not to mention your tires will thank you later! Obey the posted speed limit, avoid hard starts and most importantly, don’t burn rubber/spin tires! Also, do your best to avoid potholes and curbs. They are not only rough on your tires but also on your suspension.
When running errands, try to plan ahead and do them all at once and during low traffic hours, this will help avoid the wear and tear that mostly occurs during the first 10 to 15 minutes of driving.
Following all of these steps will help make sure your car runs healthy for as long as possible and will keep major repairs at bay!

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