Detail on Overcast or Hazy Days?

Car Wash DetailI was just detailing this car at our car wash in Conyers, GA and it made me ask the question, “when is the best time to perform a detail on my car?” Wondering when is a prime time to perform a detail on your car?  I find that detailing on hazy or days that have a slight drizzle are ideal to perform auto details because of two main factors.  No direct sunlight and cool temperature which makes it an optimal time to apply a coat of Carnauba wax as well as wiping off the wax residue.  Direct sunlight or overly warm temperatures can cause difficulties in removing all wax residue and can be draining on the detailers themselves. Over the years I have discovered overcast days are perfect for Detailing my vehicle and we recommend that you do the same. Check out our Full Detail services we performed today with Carnauba Hot Wax, Black Magic Tire Shine, Clay Bar, 100% Brazilian Carnauba Wax, and High Speed Buff. Check out our Express and Full Detail Services menu online and schedule your appointment for your next detail by contacting us at our car wash. Lighthouse Express Car Wash – Let Your Ride Shine! [th_youtube id=’JtxFRkQyd6M’ name=’Lighthouse Express Car Wash Promo Video’]

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