How Often Should I Wash My Car?

At Lighthouse Express Car Wash we often get the question, “When should I wash the car?” which can be translated to “How often should I wash my car?”  The answers will vary based on who you ask.  Casual car drivers may say wash it when they are obviously dirty or when there is enough bird droppings, tar marks, juju berries on your vehicle.  Still others may comically mention that when your car no longer looks the color that it is supposed to be (ie. white car turned brown or a black car look a faded grey).  Of course there are those car enthusiasts that are on the opposite end of the spectrum that may claim that washing it a little every day and put a nice wax and buff job quarterly will keep your car looking brand spanking new. Car parked at Lighthouse Express Car Wash I tend to fall somewhere in the middle favoring the car enthusiast, but at the end of the day it depends on what you want your vehicle to look like over the months and year you drive it.  People who want their car to look shiny and clean at all times would be wise to keep their car not only clean but protected. This means that you should not wait for your car to become filthy and covered with a layer of dirty or debris before washing.  Radicals such as dead bugs, tar from the road, bird droppings, juju berries (sp?) and other chemicals from the atmosphere are not only unsightly to appearance but harmful for your clear coat which is ultimately what you are trying to protect when maintaining the brilliant shine of your car’s paint surface. Lighthouse Express Car Wash recommends you keep your car free especially of dead bugs, bird droppings and chemicals that release acids that can strip away wax and eventually into your car’s paint.  You may not see the negative effects immediately but over time the damage caused can be repaired only with sanding or a new paint job, which are both quite costly and not as safe or as good as the original factory paint on the car. A weekly wash and a quarterly or bi-annually detail is our recommendation to keep your car looking great and protected.  Personally, I wash my car 2-3 times a week and detail it twice a year.  This may seem costly to many, but with a monthly unlimited or wash-a-day plan this can be quite affordable and easy to do.  Check out our detail options and express wash options as well as our full service options to find a plan that works best for your schedule. We wish y’all the best at Lighthouse Express Car Wash and encourage y’all to “Let your ride shine!” p.s. Have a positive day!

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