How to Safely Remove Ice & Snow From Windshield

how to remove snow and ice on windshieldIt’s snowing in Atlanta, GA so Lighthouse Express Car Wash wanted to bring you this car care tip to help keep you safe and visibility clear.  Since it’s been cold outside lately car windshields and bodies are vulnerable to frost, snow and ice forming which can not only be annoying but a safety hazard.  Ice forms on windows generally because of moisture in the air caused by the environment and/or any water that is present outside that finds it way onto the windshield. Freezing temperatures can cause the liquid to crystallize and harden.  Snow and ice on windshield should be addressed properly and promptly.  Rather than trying to scrape off the ice, which can cause scratches and damage to your windshield, or using the defrost functions on your car, or trying to rub off ice with your hands, try pouring some water on the glass.  The temperature of the water should be room temperature or warm for best effect.

We do not recommend hot water as this can lead to potential cracking or damage of the windows.  I usually use a bowl of water and just slowly pour on top of the windshield and the ice will usually instantly melt away.  Additionally, you can put water into a spray bottle and spray the ice away though I find this method to be more time consuming and tedious than just pouring water from a bowl.


1) Do not use hot water.

2) Using a car windshield wiper to remove ice is not recommended due to the potential for damage.

3) Use room temperature water or slightly warm water.  Even cool water will generally be ok (results may vary).

4) Fill a bowl or any container that can hold a few cups of water with roughly a quart of water.

What do you think?  Do you have a better suggestion or safety tip for removing ice and snow from windshields?  Feel free to comment below.

Be safe, stay warm, and be in the know friends and have a very positive day.

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