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Car Wash Gift Cards Make Great Valentine’s Gifts

Car Wash Gift Cards make a great gift for Valentine's Day

Car Wash Gift Cards make a great gift for Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and we wanted to suggest giving the gift of a clean car.  Pamper your sweetheart or loved one with a car wash gift card and help make their vehicle really shine.  A giftcard can help them to clean, protect and rust-proof their car.  It can also… Read more »

How To Get The Most Out Of An Express Car Wash

Tri Color Conditioner

Express Car Wash 101 Will the car wash effectively clean my car? Is the car wash safe? Will the car wash scratch my car? What kind of chemicals are they using? Is it better to hand wash or use a tunnel drive thru car wash? Is it better to wash my own car or take… Read more »

Best Of Gwinnett 2015 – Best Car Wash

Lighthouse Express Car Wash Named Best Car Wash by Best of Gwinnett 2015 The Lawrenceville / Snellville Car Wash was named the best car wash in Gwinnett County by Best of Gwinnett 2015. “We are humbled by the award and appreciate the recognition by our community! This award is a testament to our amazing fans and customers. Despite… Read more »

4 Pro Tips That Could Prevent Damage To Your Car

Here are 4 Tips that can help you save your car’s finish and money Q: I wash my car at home using a garden hose. Lately, the finish looks dull and marked. What could be wrong? A: Washing your car at home is harmful to your car’s finish. Studies prove that a single home hand-wash… Read more »

Park In The Shade

Park In The Shade One of the best ways to keep your car interior looking like new is to avoid allowing your upholstery from baking in the sun.  Although it’s not always possible to park your car in a perfectly enclosed area or cool garage we recommend you to to look for shaded areas when you will be parking… Read more »

We’re Always Working Hard To Improve The Car Wash Experience

At Lighthouse Express Car Wash we like to keep the mentality of “keep moving forward” in our minds as our motto.  With this mission statement and goal in mind, our customers are able to experience unparalled customer service driven by constant improvements to the car wash experience so that you, our most important asset, will be able to continuously enjoy… Read more »

How Often Should I Change Wiper Blades?

At Lighthouse Express Car Wash we enjoy sharing important car care tips to our fans, patrons, and friends.  This month’s car care tip deals with with wiper blades and how often one should change wiper blades and how to check the condition of your wiper blades. Hold on tight, because here we go! The answer to how often one… Read more »

7 Scary Things About Driverless Cars.

​​ Innovation excites us at Lighthouse Express Car Wash and when it comes to cutting edge technology this is not an exception. Sometimes though, some of the technological advancements can seem, dare we say, almost too over the top, like as if it was straight out of a science fiction movie. Lately, it seems more of the upcoming technology being… Read more »

How to Safely Remove Ice & Snow From Windshield

It’s snowing in Atlanta, GA so Lighthouse Express Car Wash wanted to bring you this car care tip to help keep you safe and visibility clear.  Since it’s been cold outside lately car windshields and bodies are vulnerable to frost, snow and ice forming which can not only be annoying but a safety hazard.  Ice forms on windows… Read more »

February is Black History Month

February is Black History Month and Lighthouse Express Car Wash wanted to recognize the great African American people who have helped form and shape this great country in which we live, the United States of America.  From the likes of George Washington Carver who was arguably the hardest working farmer to have ever graced our planet, to Rosa… Read more »