Lighthouse Express Car Wash Best of Gwinnett 2014

best car wash lawrenceville, ga and snellville, ga

Earning a place as one of the Best Car Washes in Gwinnett is a singular honor.

The Lawrenceville / Snellville Car Wash was named among the best car wash in Gwinnett County by Best of Gwinnett.  

“We are very thankful and for the honor and humbled by the privilege to serve the customers of our community,” says General Manager, Brian Hah.  “Lighthouse Express Car Wash plans to continue adding new improvements and innovations in 2015 to improve the car wash experience for all.  It is truly a pleasure to serve!”

So a big thank you to all our customers, fans, and friends for helping make the award possible and we look forward to serving you in the New Year.  Don’t forget you can find specials, car care tips by signing up for our monthly promotions.

Lighthouse Express Car Wash – Let your ride shine!


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Happy New Year & Let Your Ride Shine in 2015!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Lighthouse Express Car Wash Lawrenceville, GA and Conyers, GA to you our fans and friends!

Happy New Year from Lighthouse Express Car Wash

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Happy Thanksgiving & Black Friday Special!

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday from Lighthouse Express Car Wash Lawrenceville, GA and Conyers, GA to you our fans and friends!

black friday

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your friends at Lighthouse Express Car Wash

Restrictions: Coupon is valid Thanksgiving and expires after Black Friday.  Coupon not valid with any other coupons or in store promotions and can not be combined.  



Conyers Car Wash Upgrades

We’re always working hard at Lighthouse Express Car Wash and constantly driven to improve ourselves and the car wash experience for our guests.  Our latest projects include NEW signage NEW lighting which is more energy efficient and better for our earth.  I guess you can say we gave our Conyers Car Wash location a facelift.  Check out some pictures for our ongoing improvement project.  

conyers car wash

See more pictures of our new sign project below.

[th_gallery ids=’978,975,973,977,974,972,971′ isSlider=’true’ autoPlay=’true’ link=’file’]

The new signage was installed to create better brand awareness and clear directions to facilitate the use of our carwashes for all our guests.  We hope you like them.

Special thanks are in order to Eddie at Fast Signs of Snellville, GA for taking careand helping us make the branding improvement efforts between our car wash locations a reality. Our car wash located in Snellville and Lawrenceville, GA and car wash located in Conyers, GA are grateful.

What do you think?  Do you think we could have done something better?  We’re always open to suggestions from our guests.  Please contact us with any helpful information you may have so we can continue to improve theentire car wash experience for our guests, our most important priority.  


Should I Wash My Car At Home Or Car Wash?

Lighthouse Express Car Wash Lawrenceville. GA and Conyers, GA is pleased to announce that we have completed another successful year to serve our veterans and active military personnel by giving free car washes on Veterans Day.  To Date, Lighthouse Express Car Wash has donated over $20,000 in washes and donations to this and other charitable causes.  In addition to donating to charities, we love to contribute to a greener and cleaner earth.  If you are part of a church, school or other non-profit charitable group please contact us or find out how you can partner with us to do a car wash fundraiser to raise funds for your organization.

Not only do we do our best to help our customers drive clean but we do our part to promote green as well.  Find out more about how we do it on our latest blog post and see how you too are contributing to a cleaner and greener earth everytime you wash your car at Lighthouse Express Car Wash, Lawrenceville and Conyers, GA. 

Drive Clean and Drive Green
I’ve been washing cars since I was 15 years old.  When I first got my driver’s permit I was washing my parent’s car weekly for my monthly allowance.  I was so proud of my newly acquired skill and responsibility I didn’t realize my folks were getting a sweet bargain to keep their car clean for the $5 I received for spending 2 Hours+ of my Saturday morning washing their vehicles. I grew up learning from the ground up and washing cars the old schol way so I know that washing your own vehicle can be a drain.  Like some of you readers, washing the car at home was probably the way you learned how to keep your car clean.  You can imagine my fascination when I discovered the car wash process and technological prowess at Lighthouse Express Car Wash.  I’ve been washing my own vehicle at our very own car wash for the past several years, many times multiple times a week and it has helped me turn what used to be a few hour ordeal into a few minute process plus I didn’t have to worry about getting all my car wash equipment and garden hose out anymore.  Leave the clean up and worry of washing your car to us.  The more you wash your car the more you will discover how safe, quick, affordable and convenient it is.  

At Lighthouse Express Car Wash we knew with advancement in technology also came a greater responsibility to ensure a clean and green car wash process.  To help preserve and contribute to a greener and cleaner earth we use the latest in technology so to preserve our greatest resources by filtering and recycling much of our water used in the car wash process. How do we do it?  Read more to find out.

lighthouse express car wash water saving

Water Filtration System

Did you know that Lighthouse Express Car Wash uses a specialized industrial filtration system to filter our water and uses only eco-friendly chemicals in our car wash process so that we contribute to the a cleaner environment while we wash our customers’ cars as well as our own vehicles. When most people wash their car at home, the soap used, road grime, tar and oils often can end up in storm sewers and that flow into our local lakes and streams.

Water Recycling
Professional car washes such as Lighthouse Express Car Wash recycles and filters most of their water before returning it clean into the environment so you can rest assured that you are doing your part to go green when washing your car at one of our car wash locations in Lawrenceville, Snellville, and Conyers. Before considering how you clean your vehicle, you may want to consider how green your usual car wash routine is.  Rely on our state of the art equipment to manage and preserve the water to help contribute to the preservation of our earth most precious resources.

1) Washing your car at home can use approximately 100 gallons of water each time!
2) Washing your car at Lighthouse Express Car Wash on the other hand uses approximately 10-12 gallons of fresh water
3) Lighthouse Express Car Wash is so efficient we were even certified by the city of Lawrenceville and Conyers to operate even during stage 2 water restrictions.
4) The chemicals used at Lighthouse Express Car Wash are all certified Eco-Friendly and 100% safe for paint finishes and clear coats.

Free Car Wash For Veterans and Military Personnel on Veteran’s Day

At Lighthouse Express Car Wash we like to honor all military personnel past and present on Veteran’s Day!  This year Veteran’s Day is on November 11, 2014.  We will be offering Free Car Washes to all Veterans and military personnel.

 grace for vets

Lighthouse Express Car Wash has teamed up with Grace For Vets and honoring veterans military personnel since 2007 and we would like to continue this wonderful tradition on each and every Veterans Day.  So Veterans and active military personnel of the United States, bring your vehicles in for a premium wash at Lighthouse Express Car Wash where we want to say Thank you for your service to the United States of America.

May God bless us all.

How to wash your car windows properly

At Lighthouse Express Car Wash we love washing cars!  Shiny and streakfree windows is one part of proper car care and a clean car although cleaning windows can sometimes be a challenging endeavor for some and so we wanted to take this opportunity to share with your some tips and recommendations for things you should know when cleaning your vehicle’s windows.  In this post we will discuss the tools you will need, some techniques you can use, and some other helpful recommendations to assist you in keeping your vehicle’s windows looking their best.

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What tools do I need?

For starters, we recommend you start with the right tools to wash your windows.  A good clean towel, two of them actually, and a good glass cleaner solution is what we’ve found is the most effective way to keep your windows glistening and sparkling.  The towels we use for cleaning windows is a high quality poly towel and a clean microfiber towel.  For window cleaner we recommend a high quality window cleaner if you want the best results.  We have high quality window cleaner in our vending machines for purchase or you can elect to use our complimentary window cleaner available for our guests. It should be noted glass cleaner that contains ammonia is not recommended for use on windows with tint due to possible premature fading or damage to the tint.  If you aren’t sure which glass cleaner to use, we recommend erring on the side of caution and using a higher grade window glass cleaner (available in our vending machine).  

Should I spray directly onto the glass or onto my towel?  

At Lighthouse Express Car Wash we go both ways when using window glass cleaner.  Generally though, the rule is that if you don’t want to deal with overspray to spray onto your towel as opposed to onto the glass which can sometimes get unwanted glass cleaner onto the body or trim of the vehicle.  Glass cleaner is generally safe and any overspray can be removed with ease.

How often should I clean the windows on my vehicle?

At Lighthouse Express Car Wash we recommend cleaning your windows on a weekly or when needed basis which can be whenever any environmental radicals such as bird droppings, dirt, road tar, tree sap, or juju berries (sp?) find their way onto the window glass.  Like the clear coat of your paint, glass can also lose it’s natural protective surface and brilliant shine over time and if not cared for properly.  We recommend cleaning your exterior windows weekly and interior windows less frequently.  Fingerprints and hand and facial smears are generally less harmful and do not need to be removed immediately though over time they may become unsightly.  Other foreign substances that get onto the interior window of your car such as soda, alcoholic drinks, or other free radicals should be removed promptly.  Lastly, tough stains such as from paint or permanent marker can be removed via tougher chemical safe for glass and the use of harsher tools such as a razor blade or window scraper.  Please use care when using any of these stronger tools to prevent scratching or more permanent damage to your window.

Summary (Additional Tips, Wrapping Up, Personal Thoughts):
1) Windows should be washed as needed, not just because.  This will help prevent unnecessary labor and creating streaks and unsightly marks from improper cleaning).
2) The trick to cleaning the interior front window is to do the majority of the cleaning while sitting in the passenger seat.  Pressure is applied to the palm of the hand working from the outside-in.  Use same strategy for any spots missed on driver side.  We recommend spraying window cleaner on towel to clean front windshield rather than directly onto windshield.  Use the two towel strategy as discussed above.
3) Don’t forget to clean side mirrors and rear view mirrors.
4) Detail with clean microfiber towel to remove smears and streaks.

As with most things in cleaning your car, results will vary based on factors such as age, make, and model of your car.  Not all glass is made the same and thus there will be some varying degree of effectiveness mentioned here.  If you have any helpful suggestions or comments please feel free to write them below or let us know.  

Happy cleaning y’all and have a very happy, clean and positive autumn season! 

your friends at Lighthouse Express Car Wash – Let your ride shine!


Wellington Windshield Repair teams up with Lighthouse Express Car Wash

Lighthouse Express Car Wash is pleased to announce their partnership with Wellington Windshield Repair!  New serving Lawrenceville, Stone Mountain, Snellville, and Gwinnett County of Georgia for your windshield repair and headlight restoration needs!  We have searched long and hard for the best in the industry when it comes to windshield repair and have chosen Wellington Windshield Repair for their quality and commitment to customer service.

For more information on this new service available onsite at Lighthouse Express, please visit Wellington Windshield Repair web site or call (877) 762-8047.

About Wellington Windshield Repair

Long Cracks and Windshield Repair

Use of the newest patented technology in the market makes our  windshield repair services the best in the business. We specialize in long cracks, chips, and repairs from surface damage. National Windshield Repair Association Board certified and fully insured auto glass technicians are available at your convenience to repair your cracked windshield today. There is no other source for long crack repair in Atlanta!

Headlight Restoration

Wellington Windshield Repair in Atlanta, Georgia, makes your light covers look like new with  headlight restoration services. Our rates are affordable and come with a one-year service guarantee.



How Often Should I Wash My Car?

At Lighthouse Express Car Wash we often get the question, “When should I wash the car?” which can be translated to “How often should I wash my car?”  The answers will vary based on who you ask.  Casual car drivers may say wash it when they are obviously dirty or when there is enough bird droppings, tar marks, juju berries on your vehicle.  Still others may comically mention that when your car no longer looks the color that it is supposed to be (ie. white car turned brown or a black car look a faded grey).  Of course there are those car enthusiasts that are on the opposite end of the spectrum that may claim that washing it a little every day and put a nice wax and buff job quarterly will keep your car looking brand spanking new. Car parked at Lighthouse Express Car Wash I tend to fall somewhere in the middle favoring the car enthusiast, but at the end of the day it depends on what you want your vehicle to look like over the months and year you drive it.  People who want their car to look shiny and clean at all times would be wise to keep their car not only clean but protected. This means that you should not wait for your car to become filthy and covered with a layer of dirty or debris before washing.  Radicals such as dead bugs, tar from the road, bird droppings, juju berries (sp?) and other chemicals from the atmosphere are not only unsightly to appearance but harmful for your clear coat which is ultimately what you are trying to protect when maintaining the brilliant shine of your car’s paint surface. Lighthouse Express Car Wash recommends you keep your car free especially of dead bugs, bird droppings and chemicals that release acids that can strip away wax and eventually into your car’s paint.  You may not see the negative effects immediately but over time the damage caused can be repaired only with sanding or a new paint job, which are both quite costly and not as safe or as good as the original factory paint on the car. A weekly wash and a quarterly or bi-annually detail is our recommendation to keep your car looking great and protected.  Personally, I wash my car 2-3 times a week and detail it twice a year.  This may seem costly to many, but with a monthly unlimited or wash-a-day plan this can be quite affordable and easy to do.  Check out our detail options and express wash options as well as our full service options to find a plan that works best for your schedule. We wish y’all the best at Lighthouse Express Car Wash and encourage y’all to “Let your ride shine!” p.s. Have a positive day!

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Car Wash Automated Attendants – How They Work

Car Wash Automated Kiosks are Customized for a Personal Experience.

At Lighthouse Express Car Wash we are pleased to offer the latest in car wash technology so that it’s simple, engaging, comprehensive, and easy to use.  Our automated attendants (or as some customers call it – automated kiosks) are just one example of how our Car Wash uses new technology that keep our enviornmentally friendly principles in mind and to assist you in choosing the car wash you want. Once you arrive at the car wash, you can pull up to one of our sophisticated and friendly automated kiosks that easily and quickly guide you through our menu of express car wash options, which include exterior only express washes and full service washes which adds the human element of providing basic interior cleaning and exterior touch up.  The kiosk operates very easily, just like an ATM machine or RedBox DVD Rental Machine!

Our Automated Attendants are Easy to Use!

Lighthouse Express Car Wash automated kiosks are very easy and simple to use. The kiosk touch screen is clear, bright, and colorful so they can be seen easily.  The kiosk is easy to access from your vehicle window or if you prefer, customers can safely exit their vehicle while at the pay station to perform the transaction with ease and precision.

Our car wash locations are equipped with two (2) kiosk lanes that you can select from when you enter our Car Wash.  Look for the easy to read navigation signs to guide you to our automated kiosk/attendants.  An overhead awning provides ample protection to you and your transaction from the elements. In addition to our incredibly-easy to use step by step kiosk screens, there are added voice instructions for further guidance for a seamless and easy payment process.  Should you have any questions or needs while at the pay station, please do not hesitate to honk for assistance and one of our friendly associates will be happy to help.

Our automated attendants accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover credit cards, our non-profit Fundraising PIN codes, frequency promotion wash codes, Lighthouse Express Car Wash Gift Cards, and promotional coupon codes which are given on our social media sites.  For detail requests, please check out our interior and exterior detail menu online.  Detail jobs are offered currently at our Lawrenceville location and are by appointment only so please call or contact us to make an appointment for all your exterior and interior detailing needs.

Remember friends.. at Lighthouse Express Car Wash-Let your ride shine!

Check out the ​Lighthouse Express Car Wash experience here!