Change Your Cabin Air Filter Every 12,000 to 15,000 Miles

We have been asked by our customers how to keep their interior of their car smelling as fresh and clean as possible.  There can be various factors that affect the smell of your car such as infrequent interior cleanings, not vacuuming the car enough which can eliminate dust particles and debris that build up in your vehicle interior, spilled foreign liquids such as milk, coffee, juice or soda or other foreign substances in your car’s interior cabin, and yes.. you guessed it, not cleaning your Cabin Air Filter.  One of the important factors that affects the smell and feel or your car interior that many car owners neglect to regularly replace is their Cabin Air Filter which is an item that should be regularly maintenanced.  The cabin air filter can usually be found behind the glove compartment*.  Over time debris such as dirt, leaves, and insects can build up and block air flow, lessening the efficiency of your air conditioner, as well as create foul odors in your vehicle.  Regular replacement of the cabin air filter provides fresh air through the passenger compartment air vents.

While manufacturers may have different methods to replace the cabin air filter, we have found from our experience that switching out your own cabin air filter can save a lot of money, create better health, and keep you and your passengers breathing the freshest and cleanest air possible, as well as help keep your air conditioner working at its optimal condition.  Cabin Air Filters can be purchased online, from your auto manufacturer (ie. Honda Dealership, Hyunda Dealership, Toyota Dealership, etc.), Car Manufacturer Service Center, or most auto parts stores.  Prices will vary depending on make and model of your vehicle but I have found that most cabin air filters can be purchased for $8 – $25.  To compare, most dealerships will charge you roughly $50-$150 to perform this simple maintenance task so you can save a decent amount of money over the life of your car.

At Lighthouse Express Car Wash Snellville we generally recommended that you change your Cabin Air Filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles which is roughly every 3 to 5 oil changes depending on how often you change your oil.  We will try to create a tutorial video on this important and functional maintenance change soon.  Check out our youtube channel online @

Ask us about this service at our Lighthouse Express Car Wash, Lawrenceville location.  Keep your car smelling and looking great and remember friends..  we believe in a clean and healthy car and like to say at Lighthouse Express Car Wash.. “Let your ride shine!”

Additional Tips For A Fresher Cleaner Smell In Your Car:
1) Regularly turn off recirculation mode and instead switch to fresh air circulation mode in your vehicle.
2) Clean your air vents regularly.  (Will have a Car Care Tips Blog Write Up on this soon)
3) Kill bacteria, mildew in your air vents regularly using a disinfectant or product made for this purpose.
4) Open your windows (even a small opening will help) at night to evaporate any condensation or mildew build up.
5) Regularly do interior vacuuming or have one of our car cleaning professionals clean your interior for you.  Check out our Full Service Car Wash or Interior Details.  Schedule your appointment online or call us @ 678.487.7716

*location and removal of air filter may vary depending on automobile manufacturer.

Regular Car Wash Helps Your Car Shine Last Longer

Did you know that washing your car regularly will keep it looking new?  We understand many people have different opinions on the matter and time intervals in cleaning their cars so we wanted to take the time to discuss this important topic of how often you should wash your car.  We’ve discovered first hand that those who wash their cars weekly keep their cars looking new and shiny.  Too many people wait until it’s too late and in a sense neglect their automotive finish which can cause premature wear on the clear coat leading to paint deterioration and unsightly paint loss and damage.  We recommend to follow our car wash recommended schedule a simple wash at least every few weeks to keep your car’s appearance looking it’s best and whenever possible to add the additional protection of wax, paint sealant, and Rain-X available in our premier washes.  For the hardcore car enthusiast add a car wash detail quarterly and/or yearly to really bring out the luster in your car’s finish.

Please remember our car wash process is very safe and we do our very best to keep all equipment well maintained and working optimally so customers’ vehicles are washed consistently with only premium car wash chemicals and car care equipment.  As a matter of fact the owner and management and team members of our car wash use the car wash regularly, sometimes daily because we love the way it keeps our car shining!* This speaks volumes to the trust we put in our car wash process and standards.  How often you wash can also depend on weather conditions and exposure to natural harsh elements like the sun, salt, trees road grime and impolite flying animals. We recommend to follow our car care recommendations and consider to become a clean club member to help promote cleaner cars everywhere and a better eco-friendly promoting a greener planet.

At your service,
Lighthouse Express Car Wash Management

Contact us online or give us a call with any questions or to schedule your appointment for a Detail.

*results may vary depending on the current condition of your vehicle.

Lighthouse Express Car Wash Partners Up with Kit Ruddock


Lighthouse Express Car Wash is pleased to announce that we are partnering up with Kit Ruddock, the official US Fighter of Muay Thai.  Why does this make sense for us?  The level of perfection that Kit Ruddock has achieved with his sport represents the same level of perfection we strive to achieve at Lighthouse Express Car Wash on a daily basis.  We are honored to be working with Kit Ruddock and we wish him success in his upcoming fight!  Go Kit Ruddock go! #kitruddock #lhecarwash

Lighthouse Express Car Wash sponsors Kit Ruddock

About Lighthouse Express Car Wash

Lighthouse Express Car Wash services Conyers, Lawrenceville, Snellville, and Gwinnett County GA. … At Lighthouse Express Car Wash, we deliver the best wash in town in less than three minutes!


About Kit Ruddock

Kit Ruddock is a Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai Fighter. Born in Jamaica he is a transplant here in the USA. American Killer Bees Muay Thai Instructor. He holds his B.S. in Exercise Science and is a CPT, USAW L1 and FMS L1. He teaches Boxing, Muay Thai(Thai Boxing), MMA and well as personal training-strength and conditioning.

Detail on Overcast or Hazy Days?

Car Wash DetailI was just detailing this car at our car wash in Conyers, GA and it made me ask the question, “when is the best time to perform a detail on my car?” Wondering when is a prime time to perform a detail on your car?  I find that detailing on hazy or days that have a slight drizzle are ideal to perform auto details because of two main factors.  No direct sunlight and cool temperature which makes it an optimal time to apply a coat of Carnauba wax as well as wiping off the wax residue.  Direct sunlight or overly warm temperatures can cause difficulties in removing all wax residue and can be draining on the detailers themselves. Over the years I have discovered overcast days are perfect for Detailing my vehicle and we recommend that you do the same. Check out our Full Detail services we performed today with Carnauba Hot Wax, Black Magic Tire Shine, Clay Bar, 100% Brazilian Carnauba Wax, and High Speed Buff. Check out our Express and Full Detail Services menu online and schedule your appointment for your next detail by contacting us at our car wash. Lighthouse Express Car Wash – Let Your Ride Shine! [th_youtube id=’JtxFRkQyd6M’ name=’Lighthouse Express Car Wash Promo Video’]

Archer High School Fundraiser @ Lighthouse Express Car Wash Lawrenceville, GA

Come support the Archer High School Cheerleading fundraising event today and tomorrow at Lighthouse Express Car Wash!  We will be raising funds for a great cause, our local schools and community, and invite you to be a part.  Support your local school here in Lawrenceville, GA and get your car clean at the same time!  The girls will be here until 3 p.m. today and back tomorrow as well.  Are you a part of or know of a great organization that could use some extra funds and serve as an excellent way to do a fundraiser?  Schedule your next FUNdraiser online with us!

What:  Archer High School Cheerleading Fundraiser Car Wash

When: 6/20/2014, 6/21/2014

Who’s invited: Community of Lawrenceville, GA, Snellville, GA, Duluth, GA, Gwinnett Community, and You!
Where: Lighthouse Express Car Wash, Lawrenceville, GA, Snellville, GA

Why: Support local schools and help the Archer H.S. Cheerleading Squad!  Get a car wash! 🙂

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Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Ceremony @ Lighthouse Express Car Wash, Snellville, GA

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Special thanks to Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce for the very special ribbon ceremony at Lighthouse Express Car Wash, Snellville, GA.  We were truly honored by your welcoming to the community of Snellville, GA and Lawrenceville, GA and we hope to be a positive assett to your community in keeping the cars of the this fantastic neighborhood clean and shiny!

Learn more about the Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce @  A great group of people and very encouraging network indeed!

See more pictures of the ribbon ceremy on our Google+ page

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Car Care Tip: Detail Your Ride Before The Resale


Did you know that keeping your car clean and detailed can help organize your life more and make you feel better? See what Scott H had to say in his yelp review which demonstrates this point. On top of helping one feel better, keeping your car clean and detailed can help increase the value of your car! As a matter of fact, a car with a faded finish and unkempt look will sell for 10% – 20% less than a cleaner, nicer looking vehicle. So if you’re planning to sell your car, we suggest having your car cleaned and professionally detailed before taking your car, truck, or van to your potential buyer. We recommend detailing your car twice a year. Our manager details his car 3 to 4 times a year which to some may be too much but to the car enthusiast is totally natural.  Take a look at our recommended cleaning/detailing schedule for more information. In a nutshell : Detailing helps to restore your car to its factory shine finish and helps to maxmize the resale value. Take a look at our Car Detail menu and schedule your appointment online or by calling our detail department @ (678) 321-0805

Photoshoot with Lighthouse Express Car Wash Girl Sophia at Our Lawrenceville Location <3

The weather was up and down today but Sophia was dazzling during our photoshoot today at Lighthouse Express Car Wash in Lawrenceville, GA. Special thanks goes to her for being so excellent to work with and the weather ended up being in our favor after all!

We’ve chosen a select few out of many that were gorgeous. Here are some samples for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy and have a positive day!

Lighthouse Express Car Wash… Let your ride shine!


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1080 HD Video – Lighthouse Express Car Wash Lawrenceville, GA, Conyers, GA, Snellville, GA

Is this the best Car Wash video ever? It’s ridiculously well made, that’s for sure. Check out our new Lighthouse Express Car Wash HD Promo Video. Huge thanks and shout out to Charles Robinson of Northern Lights HD! Enjoy.  [th_youtube id=’JtxFRkQyd6M’ name=’Lighthouse Express Car Wash Promo Video’]Schedule you​r appointment for a detail today!

Rated Best Car Wash In Lawrenceville, GA and Snellville, GA – Lighthouse Express Car Wash

We are very pleased to announce that we have been rated and named the #1 Car Wash in Lawrenceville, GA and Snellville, GA. We are humbled and honored and will continue to work harder to provide the best car wash experience there is to offer, hands down. We will continue to work hard to do what’s right for our customers, community, and friends and will strive continuously to better ourselves. Lighthouse Express Car Wash is proud to be a green company so we can do our part to preserving our environment. So a special thanks to you our most important asset, our customers for helping us to be named as a Best Car Wash of Yelp. p.s. Have a positive day.

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Best of Yelp – Snellville, GA on

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Best of Yelp – Lawrenceville, GA on Yelp